Minipult: Lego catapult controlling a video game

This is a catapult I made to control the Digipult video game that was made by me and two other guys from my college. The catapult is built on top of an old PS/2 mouse. I have attached rubber bands to the encoder wheels of the mouse so the gears can control it. The video game is about destroying a castle by shooting at the screen. The goal is to free Maria’s lover prince Pear who was captured by the evil wizard Haxor. It’s the players job to aim at the castle with the catapult and to avoid hitting prince Pear. More info on the game onĀ

One thought on “Minipult: Lego catapult controlling a video game

  1. How does the arduino catapult send commands to unity3d? Do you use a direct control Arduino-Unity or there’s an other program? Could you upload the Arduino and Unity code? Thank you!

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