I am a 24 year old ICT student living in the Netherlands. I try to combine my knowledge of computers with my love for building with Lego Technic bricks. I use this website to share my projects with the world. Hopefully you will enjoy reading here.


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  1. Hello Bas! I have been looking at your projects and I am particularly impressed with the Wifly robot. It is amazing how you got such a complex mechanism with vastly different parts to come together so well. I would never have thought to go with the simple, yet effective, lego sensors. I am currently working on a controls system for a teleoperated robot for a school team/project but am new to Arduino as a whole and particularly the Wifly so I was hoping you could give me some advice? I have the device connected to my WAN but have been unable to find any tutorials/instruction on how to activate individual pins. I would really appreciate it if you were willing to give me some advice, hope to hear from you.


  2. Great work. I am actually working on a similar project to your wifi robot with the camera and am interested in the approach you took with the web page based controls. I was hoping to take a look at your source code but the links appear to not work. Would you consider reposting them somewhere.

    • Thanks Lonny. I have added the source codes to a zip file on the project page, so now you should be able to download them. Good luck with your project and please keep me informed with your progress!

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